Picture of Airzooka

Item No: TS29800

Size: 27.43 X 27.94 X 36.07 cm

UPC: 604020029807

Case Pack: 4


Watch the fun begin when target sees the red laser dot on them followed by the harmless ball of air, it blows them away from over 50' away. You have seen it in movies and on TV hundreds of times. Just before the marksman takes the shot, the red laser dot appears on the target. Now you are able to do the same. Turn on your Laser Airzooka, place the laser dot on your target and shoot a harmless ball of air. It will Blow them away- it's amazing. Laugh with amusement as, seemingly from nowhere, you are able to mess up a person's hair, ruffle their shirt, dress or office papers or simply try your lock at indoor target practice from a distance of over 50' away.