Picture of Chess Set In Tube

Item No: T20312

Size: 43 x 8 cm

UPC: 754848203122

Case Pack: 10

It’s the classic game of patience and strategy in an easy to carry tube, Chess Set in Tube! Challenge you friends with this easily portable chess set and prove you’re a Grandmaster.

A Chess Set in Tube!? This is the perfect way to introduce chess to that prodigy in your life. This roll up board is sturdy and convenient and combines quality ivory/black felted club pieces with a tough vinyl chess board that will endure years of play. It also includes easy-to-read algebraic notation, Knight to E4! Use this as an analysis set, a game set, or a spare set that you can use anytime and anyplace. You will see people playing on this style of set all over the world.

Checkmate! Chess Set in Tube is recommended for 2 players ages 6 and up.