Item No: T20485


Package Size: 10.6 x 16 x 3.3 cm

UPC: 754848204853

Master Case: 96

Inner Case: 24


We believe that almost everyone fidgets to some extent and a Fidget Ridget helps the user to ease a variety of everyday worries. Just give the Ridget a squeeze, click, or roll to release stress, frustration, tension, and distraction. Calm your emotions with a Fidget Ridget!

With six unique faces, each side of the Ridget features a tactile experience that triggers unique emotional responses within the user. Click your way to calm as you engage with any of the six different sides of a Fidget Ridget!

Click: Forget clicking your pen! You’ll find 3 clicker buttons and 2 silenced buttons on this side of your Fidget Ridget to satisfy the clicker in you.

Glide: Appeal to the gamer in you! You can enjoy the smooth satisfying gliding action of a joystick with this side of your Fidget Ridget.

Rub: Relax, take it easy! Inspired by traditional worry stones, you can rub stress away with the recessed side of your Fidget Ridget.

Flip: Flip the switch! You can pivot the light switch side of your Fidget Ridget silently, or do it quickly for a more audible click.

Roll: Scroll your troubles away! The gears and ball on this side of your Fidget Ridget are all about rolling movements (the gears click!).

Spin: Looking for a circular fidget? The rotary disc on this side of your Fidget Ridget invites you to take it for a spin!

The Fidget Ridget comes in a variety of colours and styles. Particular colours and styles are subject to availability and we cannot take requests or guarantee a certain colour.