7-Set Polyhedral Pearl Dice


Item No: T20421

Size: 14.47 X 2.54 X 2.54 cm

UPC: 754848204211

Inner Case: 24

Colours: Blue, brown, smoke, green, and red.


If you are a hard-core gamer, collect dice, need dice for a school project, fundraiser or other events, these packs of seven marble polyhedral dice are the perfect solutions. Each set comes with one 4 sided die, one 6-sided die, one 8-sided die, two 10-sided die (one with 0-9 and another with 00-90), one 12-sided die and one 20-sided die. The dice in this set are factory firsts and are brand-new in mint condition. They are perfect for math students, teachers, gamers and more. Each die has large numbers to ensure easy reading and the 6 and 9 on each die are clearly marked with an underscore for easy recognition.

Conveniently packaged in a clear plastic tube for easy storage, these dice have sharp edges that guarantee great random gameplay. The bright, vivid colours of the dice make them appear jewel-like. These packs of seven polyhedral dice make a great gift idea and can be used for a variety of projects, games or events.