Connex Roller Coaster


Item No: 38843

Size: 36.3 x 27.50 x 8 CM

UPC: 4894091388439

Inner Case Pack: 12

CONNEX is a D.I.Y. (do-it-yourself) educational science kit that provides useful knowledge about simple physics, and is suitable for children of 8 years old and up. "You'll be amazed" to find what you can learn as the activity enables you to learn realistic concept of basic physical theory.

All CONNEX kits come iwith an eco-friendly reusable box that is multi-purpose. The box is not only a platform that allows the children to build the experiment, but it is also a storage box to keep all your pieces organized. Carry these kits anywhere you want!

CONNEX Space Roller Coaster lets you build your own space circuit that demonstrates the physics of black holes! Get ready for the never-ending cycle.

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