About Us

Welcome to Tradeopia, your one-stop shop for toys, games, novelties and gifts to fit any occasion.

Since its start over 20 years ago, Tradeopia has grown into a thriving company with a large global network. Tradeopia focuses on manufacturing and distributing innovative products to North America and the Middle East, done from a perfectly-located distribution center in Hong Kong. With manufacturers in China and others, Tradeopia scours the world to bring you quality items at the best prices possible.

From timeless classic games to clever brain teasers, from plushes that giggle and squirm to pranks that shock and delight, from gadgets that work like magic to kits that teach you magic, Tradeopia has it all. Following many years of experience, the people at Tradeopia have selected the most exciting, innovative and creative products to bring to you.

Tradeopia believes in SMILE (Service, Motivation, Innovation, Leadership and Excitement), so when you need to find the perfect item, smile, and think Tradeopia.